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Racing Games

The racing games genre is the genre of video games, either at the first-person or third-person perspective, where the participant partakes in a racing contest with any sort of property, water, air or space vehicles. They might be dependent on anything from real-world racing leagues to completely fantastical settings. Generally, they may be distributed along a spectrum everywhere between hardcore simulations, and easier arcade racing games. Racing games can also fall under the category of sports matches.

Back in 1973, Atari introduced Space Race, an arcade video game in which players command spaceships that race against opposing ships while preventing comets and meteors. It’s a competitive two-player game commanded utilizing a two-dimensional joystick and includes white and black images.

The subsequent year, Atari introduced the very first auto driving video game at the arcades, Gran Trak 10, which introduces an overhead single-screen perspective of this monitor from low-resolution white-on-black graphics. Later that identical season, Taito released stride Rush designed by Tomohiro Nishikado (of Space Invaders fame), where the participant pushes down a straight track off other cars. The sport has been re-branded as Wheels by Midway Games for launch in the USA and has been influential on racing games.

Back in 1976, Sega published Moto-Cross, re-branded as Fox in the United States, as a tie-in for its popular sitcom Happy Days. The match featured a three-dimensional view, in addition to haptic feedback, which resulted in the bike handlebars to vibrate through an accident with another car or truck.

Back in 1977, Atari released Super Bug, a racing game equally important as”the first game to incorporate a scrolling playfield” in numerous directions.
Another noteworthy video game in the 1970s was The Driver, a racing-action game launched by Kasco (Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co.) that utilized a 16 mm picture to project full-motion movie on screen, although its gameplay had restricted interaction, requiring the participant to coincide with their steering wheel, gas pedal and brakes with motions shown on display, similar to the strings in afterward laserdisc video games.

1979 also saw the launch of Vector beams Speed Freak, a 3D vector racing sport, which Killer List of Videogames calls”quite impressive and before their time”.