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A puzzle is a game, problem, or toy that assesses an individual’s creativity or understanding. In a mystery, the solver is anticipated to place pieces together in a reasonable manner, so as to reach the right or enjoyable solution of this mystery.

Jigsaw puzzles are possibly the most popular kind of mystery game.

After becoming popular amongst the general public, this type of teaching aid stayed the key utilization of jigsaw puzzles until about 1820.
The most significant puzzle (40,320 bits ) is created by German game business Ravensburger. The tiniest mystery made was created in LaserZentrum Hannover.

From the early 20th century, both magazines and papers had discovered they could improve their readership by publishing mystery competitions, starting with crosswords and in contemporary days sudoku.

Puzzle manufacturers are individuals who produce puzzles.

Some noteworthy founders of puzzles are:

Ernő Rubik
Sam Loyd
Henry Dudeney
Boris Kordemsky
David J. Bodycombe
Will Shortz
Lloyd King
Martin Gardner
Raymond Smullyan

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